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The beginning of the End of underdevelopment is now here. But how fast will it happen?​

The scarcity of effective managerial leadership has made underdevelopment permanent. It’s a problem the Development Space could not resolve. We have done that here.

Game changing Ideas

In our world, the persistent underdevelopment of post-colonial countries in the global south is the most stagnant area of intellectual inquiry. The sum total of ideas in the line of inquiry does not amount to a single step of incremental progress. The evidence is that underdevelopment remains, despite all the resources devoted for decades to the upkeep of the Development Space by public and private sponsors. Human Rethink has changed that. Permanently.

Dear World Bank, IMF, Academia, and other players in the development space,

We urgently request that you take action as follows to meet your proclaimed mandates to relieve suffering in developing countries, where the majority of humanity lives. READ MORE

Development is the rise of a nation to meet the West and other developed countries as an economic equal based on the managerial and entrepreneurial leadership of its own indigenous people, as China is doing. Underdevelopment is the inability to acquire such leadership regardless of higher education attainment rates, and dependence on scarce expatriate leadership instead. READ MORE

But while formal conceptions of managerial ability may apply to developed countries, they do not apply to developing countries because these conceptions are incomplete. READ MORE

Because it’s missing the implicit component that makes it appear effective for developed countries and their diaspora. The component is passively acquired in culture, not taught in school, and can’t be otherwise learned until now. So, existing curricula, regardless of quality or volume, could not systematically train students as effective managers. READ MORE

Development is more than the availability of technology. For expression as successful development, technology must be coupled with its implicit knowledge, which is not taught in school. The Implicit Curriculum does that with the resources of higher education. Graduates can then become the effective leaders of development for their country. READ MORE

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