Poverty, instability, corruption and other symptoms of underdevelopment need not be the fate of developing countries. Accelerated growth and prosperity is now within reach through our Implicit Curriculum of Higher education and its philosophy, the Inclusive Theory of Growth.

The Western-style economic model is the predominant model in our world. But it leaves behind the majority of humanity. The only practical means to systematically address this problem has been higher education, which is widely promoted as the “great equalizer.” However, while it imparts technical skills, it clearly does not impart managerial skills.

Underdevelopment persists in developing countries solely because of the dire shortage of effective managers. Yet, these countries have legions of college graduates who are unemployed or underemployed because the managerial leadership needed to start industry or to maximize the productive use of available skills and resources is lacking.

Sure, we can self-deceive that globalization industries led by Western and Chinese expatriates or by the diaspora of developed countries count as development. But the failure of such efforts to spread in the economy with indigenous managerial leadership exposes such growth as limited and shallow modernization because It leaves the majority in poverty and the bulk of the remainder in the “middle income trap.”

Human Rethink has broken this impasse with the Implicit Curriculum. Our curriculum ensures that every graduate will autonomously perform managerial tasks as effectively as expatriates who currently do so in their midst and as well as their peers in developed countries. The extent and rigor of our curriculum, using existing higher education infrastructures, guarantee this outcome. And with the Inclusive Theory of Growth, we have unwound the thicket of issues that obscure and distort the problem of persistent underdevelopment, explaining along the way the reason why developed countries are developed to begin with.

– Samuel
A. Odunsi, Sr.
Founder, Human Rethink

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